Applicability of additives for ground improvement utilizing fine powder of waste glass

Shinya Inazumi, Ryo Hashimoto, Takashi Shinsaka, Supakij Nontananandh, Susit Chaiprakaikeow

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As a solidifying material for ground improvement using inorganic waste as a raw material, the authors have been developing an additive mixture of the fine powder of waste glass containing a large amount of silica generated during the production of glass cullet and an alkaline aid (heattreating type of “Earth-Silica; ES” additive). Furthermore, a solidifying material that solidifies by mixing this additive with the fine powder of blast furnace slag, which is a by-product of steel production, is also being developed. In this study, the authors reviewed the mixing process of the solidified materials, especially the one made with the heat-treating type of ES additive, omitting the heat treatment of the fine powder of waste glass and the alkaline aid and applying only the mixing treatment. As a result, a mixing type of ES additive was manufactured to simplify the manufacturing process, and the difference in the performance of the solidifying material, depending on the presence or absence of the heat-treating process during the additive manufacturing, was verified in terms of the effect on the solidifying action. Specifically, the solidifying materials to which the heat-treating type of ES additive and the mixing type of ES additive were added, respectively, were applied to the high-pressure injection stirring method, one of the ground-improvement methods. Various tests clarified the changes in viscosity of these solidifying materials over time and the acceleration of their solidifying rates when adding ordinary Portland cement separately.

Original languageEnglish
Article number5169
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Sept


  • Additive
  • Fine powder of blast furnace slag
  • Fine powder of waste glass
  • Ground improvement
  • Solidifying material

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  • Condensed Matter Physics


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