Low power consumption 16:1 MUX/DMUX for the STM-16 transmission systems based on DMT DCFL circuits

Masahiro Fujii, Masotoshi Tokushima, Masaoki Ishikawa, Muneo Fukaishi, Tadashi Maeda, Hikaru Hida, Yasuo Ohno, Isamu Takano

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16:1 Multiplexer (MUX) and Demultiplexer (DMUX) for the STM-16 transmission system are designed by standard cell method using automatic layout CAD system, and fabricated using the developed 0.5 μm gate self-aligned process technology. The total numbers of the logic gates for MUX and DMUX are about 700 and 800, respectively. To realize high-speed operation with low power consumption and large noise margin tolerance, direct-coupled FET logic circuits are employed, which are based on author's proposed i-AlGaAs/n-GaAs Doped-channel hereto-MISFETs (DMTs). Fully functional operations are confirmed in a temperature range from 20 °C up to 75 °C with ±10% margin of supply voltage at -2 V and the ECL output levels. Obtained maximum speed is 1.4 Gbps for MUX and 1.1 Gbps for DMUX. Power consumption is 0.6 W and 0.9 W, respectively, which are about one third of those for LSIs reported so far. In addition, authors probe into the main causes of lower operation speed through high-speed direct probing measurements and simulations, and it is concluded that the expected operation speed of more than 2.5 Gbps can be achieved by minor changes in mask layout design.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNEC Research and Development
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 1992 Jul
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