Measurement of muonium emission from silica aerogel

P. Bakule, G. A. Beer, D. Contreras, M. Esashi, Y. Fujiwara, Y. Fukao, S. Hirota, H. Iinuma, K. Ishida, M. Iwasaki, T. Kakurai, S. Kanda, H. Kawai, N. Kawamura, G. M. Marshall, H. Masuda, Y. Matsuda, T. Mibe, Y. Miyake, S. OkadaK. Olchanski, A. Olin, H. Onishi, N. Saito, K. Shimomura, P. Strasser, M. Tabata, D. Tomono, K. Ueno, K. Yokoyama, S. Yoshida

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Emission of muonium (μ +e-) atoms from silica aerogel into vacuum was observed. Characteristics of muonium emission were established from silica aerogel samples with densities in the range from 29 mg cm-3to 178 mg cm-3. Spectra of muonium decay times correlated with distances from the aerogel surfaces, which are sensitive to the speed distributions, and follow general features expected from a diffusion process, while small deviations from a simple roomtemperature thermal diffusion model are identified. The parameters of the diffusion process are deduced from the observed yields.

Original languageEnglish
Article number103C01
JournalProgress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Externally publishedYes

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