Preparation and property of temperature responsive slide-ring gels

Masatoshi Kidowaki, Changming Zhao, Toshiyuki Kataoka, Takao Nakajima, Yohei Nagao, Kohzo Ito

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Temperature responsive property of slide-ring gels formed by crosslinking of polyrotaxane (PR), inclusion complex between alkylated α-cyclodextrin and polyethylene glycol, was studied from a viewpoint of substituents and their introducing ratio. Aqueous solutions of the alkylated PR show thermo-reversible sol-gel transition whose temperature strongly depends on the hydrophobic nature of substituents and substitution ratio. This property of the PR is reflected in the temperature dependence of volume and viscoelasticity of the slide-ring gels.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2005
Event54th SPSJ Annual Meeting 2005 - Yokohama, Japan
Duration: 2005 May 252005 May 27


Conference54th SPSJ Annual Meeting 2005


  • Cyclodextrin
  • Lower critical solution temperature
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Polyrotaxane
  • Slide-ring gel
  • Stimuli-response

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  • General Engineering


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