Waste treatment in Thailand

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This research targets the waste treatment system in the metropolitan area of Bangkok, Thailand (hereafter referred to as "metropolitan Bangkok") and attempts to restructure the previous environmental assessment model which anticipates future uncertainties. The research also proposes guidelines for optimization of the social environmental accounting theory. Basically, the restructured environmental assessment model should quantitatively measure the long-term waste treatment cost and the environmental cost against the two types of waste treatment systems, i.e., the waste treatment system (baseline scenario) currently being used in metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand and the respective countermeasure scenarios. Further, the social environmental accounting optimization being investigated in this research is not just limited to the waste treatment in metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand, but can also be considered as a contribution to the various environmental problems arising in every country or city, with a significant solution and the methodology.

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  • Developing countries
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental cost
  • Greenhouse gas
  • Processing cost
  • Waste treatment system

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