A study of high-speed joining method using spiral nails

Hiroto Morodomi, Yuma Nishihara, Shota Matsubara, Shinji Hashimura, Hisashi Hori

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A variety of materials have been used to assemble transportation equipment in order to realize both securement of high strength and weight reduction in recent years. In the manufacturing fields, various joining methods are used, and there are as many methods as material variations. Among those joining methods, mechanical joining can join without heating or melting materials. We have proposed a high-speed nailing method using a spiral nail in order to improve the joining strength in this study. The proposed method is characterized by spiral grooves provided on nails, which bite joined parts to improve joining strength. Using nails with several spiral groove angles, this study has verified effectiveness of the spiral groove angles of the nail and also revealed the mechanism of the method that affects joining strength. Incidentally the proposed method can joint dissimilar materials at high speed without supporting behind clamped plates. Since the nail has the spiral grooves, we can easily remove the nails by rotating the nail in the opposite direction. Therefore the method is suitable for recycling and maintenance.

ジャーナルJournal of Manufacturing Processes
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 11月

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