A User Allocation Method for DASH Multi-Servers Considering Coalition Structure Generation in Cooperative Game

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Streaming systems that can maintain Quality of Experience (QoE) for users have attracted much attention because they can be applied in various fields, such as emergency response training and medical surgery. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is a typical protocol for streaming system. In order to improve QoE in DASH, a multiserver system has been presented by pseudo-increasing bandwidth through multiple servers. This multi-server system is designed to share streaming content efficiently in addition to having redundant server resources for each streaming content, which is excellent for fault tolerance. Assigning DASH server to users in these multi-servers environment is important to maintain QoE, thus a method of server assignment of users (user allocation method) for multi-servers is presented by using cooperative game theory. However, this conventional user allocation method does not take into account the size of the server bandwidth, thus users are concentrated on a particular server at the start of playback. Although the average required bit rate of video usually fluctuates, bit rate fluctuations are not taken into account. These phenomena may decrease QoE. In this paper, we propose a novel user allocation method using coalition structure generation in cooperative game theory to improve the QoE of all users in an immediate and stable manner in DASH environment. Our proposed method can avoid user concentration, since the bandwidth used by the overall system is taken into account. Moreover, our proposed method can be performed every time the average required bit rate changes. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method through simulations using Network Simulator 3 (NS3).

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