Adaptive control for continuous-time systems with actuator and sensor hysteresis

Xinkai Chen, Ying Feng, Chun Yi Su

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This paper discusses the model reference control for a continuous-time linear plant containing uncertain hysteresis in both actuator and sensor devices. The difficulty of controlling such systems lies in the fact that the hysteretic uncertainties exist in both the input and the output of the plant, the genuine input and genuine output of the plant are not available, while the ultimate goal is to control the plant output which may not be correctly measured. New adaptive control schemes with the actuator uncertainty and sensor uncertainty compensations are developed for linear plants with either known or unknown dynamics, where adaptive estimates of the genuine outputs of the plants are simultaneously generated. The global stability analysis of the closed-loop system becomes very complicated and challenging, and the proposed control laws ensure the uniform boundedness of all signals in the closed-loop system. The tracking error between the estimated plant output and the desired output is guaranteed to converge to zero asymptotically.

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