Anisotropy of the flux pinning and elastic anomalies under high magnetic fields in La2-xSrxCuO4

T. Fukase, T. Hanaguri, M. Kamata, K. Ishizuka, T. Suzuki, T. Goto, T. Sasaki

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Temperature dependence of the sound velocity of La1.85Sr0.15CuO4 single crystals has been measured in high magnetic fields up to 23 T. The anisotropy of the activation energy of the flux pinning is evaluated from the analysis of the excess elastic modulus due to the flux line lattice. The large activation energy of U(0 K, 14 T)=972 K and the small field dependence ∝ H-0.3 are obtained for H//c-plane where the intrinsic pinning mechanism due to the layered structure is effective. The value of U rapidly decreases with increasing the tilt angle θ between H and the c-plane. The angular dependence of U is explained on the basis of the three-dimensional stepwise-flux-line structure. Moreover, elastic anomalies have been observed at Tc and near irreversibility line. The upper critical field is evaluated from the anomaly at Tc and origin of the elastic anomaly near irreversibility line is discussed.

ジャーナルScience Reports of the Rerearch Institutes Tohoku University Series A-Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 1996 5月 1

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