Applicability of Numerical Simulation by Particle Method to Unconfined Compression Tests on Geomaterials

Sudip Shakya, Shinya Inazumi

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This study emphasizes the importance of accurate input parameters for ensuring the precision and reliability of simulations by conducting a sensitivity analysis to determine the calculation and material parameters. The aim is to determine the exact material parameters, for two different soil samples in a rigid state, by comparing the results of a sensitivity analysis with the unconfined compression test benchmark data for each sample. The moving particle semi-implicit (MPS) method, one of the particle methods, was chosen to reproduce the unconfined compression test simulation. The soil particles were assumed to be in the rigid state of the Bingham fluid bi-viscosity model. The first part of the study focuses on a sensitivity analysis of the basic simulation parameter values inputted during the simulation setup for the calculation procedure and the selection of the criteria for the calculation method, and then recommends the optimum values for a higher degree of accuracy based on the results. The second part of the study uses the results to analyze the sensitivity of each influencing parameter of the bi-viscosity Bingham fluid. In the final section, this study will provide a general guideline for selecting the optimum values for the MPS parameters and will recommend approximate values for other soil samples in future research with properties similar to those used in this study.

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