AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual, 3rd Edition, Volume Three, Part Two、 “The ownership of intellectual property rights which are raised through the collaboration between Universities and Industry in Japan”

Kathy Ku, Odd Bres, Fred Munson, Garold G. Breit, Jane Massey Licata, Allen E. White, Page Heller, Rodney L. Sparks, John S. Roberts, J. Peter Fasse, Erin Kaiser, Sherry L. Murphy, Kenneth D. Sibley, Jeanine Burmania, Peter B. Stewart, Richard E. Jenkins, Robert Kneller, TANAKA Hideho, SAOTOME Chikako, Hideho Tanaka

    研究成果: Article査読

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    出版ステータスPublished - 2008 1月 1