Behavior of magnesium in Hank's solution aimed to trabecular pattern of natural bone

H. Kuwahara, N. Mazaki, M. Mabuchi, C. Wein, T. Aizawa

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An ideal artificial bone is expected to grow together with other natural bones with aid of osteoblast cells and to fade out into other natural bones at the same rate of restructuring natural bone. Magnesium is thought to be one of candidate materials, since it has a potential to enhance natural bone growth and to homogenize the implanted artificial bodies with natural bone. In the present study, we are concerned with the formation of trabecular pattern in the natural bone to consider how to reconstruct this pattern in the artificial bone made from magnesium. For that purpose, a series of experiments were performed to observe the chemical behavior of dipped magnesium plate and cellular magnesium in Hank's solution. A magnesium specimen is annealed at 773 - 803 K for various periods in an atmosphere to homogenize its microstructure. Mass change of magnesium is estimated by immersing it in Hank's solution. It is well known that magnesium is easily corroded by chlorine ion. Both x-ray diffraction and energy dispersed x-ray analyses were carried out in order to identify a reaction product and its chemical composition. Mass of a magnesium specimen, which was annealed at 803 K for 32.4 ks or 14.4 ks, increases after immersing it into Hank's solution for 4.518 Ms (1255 h). Furthermore, the cellular magnesium, which was annealed at 803 K for 1.8 ks, formed a reacted layer with around 80 μm in thickness and it contained Mg, Ca, P, and a little bit of Cl.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2003
イベントProceedings of the Second Osaka International Conference on Platform Science and Technology for Advanced Magnesium Alloys 2003 - Osaka, Japan
継続期間: 2003 1月 262003 1月 30

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