Dedcentralized output feedback H-infinity control for uncertain interconnected systems with quantization

Ning Chen, Xiaoyu Shen, Weihua Gui, Guisheng Zhai

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The design of dynamic output feedback controllers and quantizers was studied for uncertain interconnected H decentralized networked systems, and the systems' quantized control scheme relying on the controller state and the system output was proposed below. The output of each controller was quantized before it was input into the subsystem. Quantization errors between original signals and quantized signals caused by quantization effects may cause the system performance to deteriorate. For this purpose, under the assumption that a decentralized dynamic output feedback controller had been designed, the quantized control was dependent not only on the controller state but also on the system measurement output so that the quantized closed-loop system was asymptotically stable with the same H disturbance attenuation level as on no quantizers circumstance. Both the designed controllers and the quantizers' parameters were constructed in a decentralized manner, depending on local information.

ジャーナルGaojishu Tongxin/Chinese High Technology Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 7月 1

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