Development of a PMT Readout System with Viking Chips for the Sci-Fi Detector of CALET

T.Tamura T.Tamura, S.Torii S.Torii, K.Hibino K.Hibino, Kenji Yoshida, S.Okuno S.Okuno, K.Anraku K.Anraku, T.Yamashita T.Yamashita, Y.Uchihori Y.Uchihori, H.Kitamura H.Kitamura, Y.Katayose Y.Katayose, T.Inoue T.Inoue, K.Kasahara K.Kasahara, S.Kuno S.Kuno, R.Battiston R.Battiston, M.Menichelli M.Menichelli

研究成果: Conference article

ジャーナルProc.of 3rd International Workshop on NOON2001
出版ステータスPublished - 2003 8月 1