How to describe the mobile robot's sensor-based behavior?

Shooji Suzuki, Maki K. Habib, Jun'ichi Iijima, Shin'ichi Yuta

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In this paper a method to describe the sensor-based behavior of an autonomous mobile robot is considered. In a practical world, the robot's dynamic property and the uncertainty of the environment must be taken into account and the robot's behavior in a real environment cannot be represented by a simple sequence of a robot's motions. Therefore, a new concept of Action mode as a unit of a robot's motion representation is introduced. Action mode is defined by a control mode of an actuator with reference value, by conditions to watch environment situation changes, an by a procedure and transition of the Action mode in case the conditions met. The robot control language ROBOL/0 which is based on the concept of Action mode representation is proposed and implemented. The navigation of a mobile robot in a real world using sensors and map information is selected as an example to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed methods.

ジャーナルRobotics and Autonomous Systems
出版ステータスPublished - 1991 8月

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