In-situ solid-state synthesis of Mg2Si/MgO/Mg composites

Wenbo Du, Katsuyoshi Kondoh, Eiji Yuasa, Ritsuko Tsuzuki, Tatsuhiko Aizawa

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Mg2Si/MgO dispersoids reinforced Mg matrix composites (Mg2Si/MgO/Mg) were successfully In-situ solid-state synthesized by using Mg-SiO2 powder mixture on the route of preheating and hot forging. Results indicate that SiO2 can completely react with Mg and form Mg2Si/MgO dispersoids by preheated at 853 K for 240 s, and fully densified Mg2Si/MgO/Mg composites can be achieved by hot forged at 573 K under the pressure of 880 MPa. A method was proposed to calculate the reactive heat for forming Mg2Si/MgO dispersoids. It equals 705 kJ, implying that Mg can easily deoxidize SiO2. The synthesized Mg2Si/MgO dispersoids are inhomogeneous in size and shape when the initial powder mixture is conventionally cold compacted. On the other hand, the repeated plastic working (RPW) process not only improves the morphologies of Mg2Si/MgO dispersoids but also decreases their synthesizing temperature. The mechanisms which are responsible for the microstructural improvement and the decrease in the synthesizing temperature are the refinement of SiO2 particles and the breakage of MgO films on the surface of MR particles.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2003 1月 1
イベントProceedings of the Second Osaka International Conference on Platform Science and Technology for Advanced Magnesium Alloys 2003 - Osaka, Japan
継続期間: 2003 1月 262003 1月 30

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