Investigating Technological Parameters and TiN-Coated Electrodes for Enhanced Efficiency in Ti-6Al-4V Micro-EDM Machining

Hoang Vuong Pham, Huu Phan Nguyen, Shirguppikar Shailesh, Duc Toan Nguyen, Ngoc Tam Bui

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Micro-electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM) stands out as a transformative methodology, offering substantial progress in both technical and economic efficiency through the integration of coated electrodes. This study meticulously analyzes various technological parameters in micro-EDM, focusing specifically on Ti-6Al-4V, a widely employed titanium alloy. The application of a titanium nitride (TiN) coating material on a tungsten carbide (WC) electrode is investigated using the Taguchi method of experimental design. This study employs an ANOVA and factorial design methodology to scrutinize the influence of key parameters, namely voltage (V), capacitance (C), and spindle rotation (in revolutions per minute) (RPM) on the tool wear rate (TWR), overcut (OVC), and Z coordinate (depth) within the micro-EDM process. The findings unveil a noteworthy increase in the TWR with an elevated V, C, and RPM, with capacitance exerting a pronounced influence while voltage exhibits the least impact. OVC exhibits notable variations, revealing an inverse relationship with RPM. The Z coordinate (depth) is significantly affected by capacitance, with voltage and RPM each having a relatively negligible impact. A surface quality analysis exposes similarities and numerous defects in both coated and uncoated electrodes, emphasizing the need for further exploration into the effectiveness of coated electrodes in enhancing post-micro-EDM machined surface layers. This study contributes valuable insights to optimize and advance micro-EDM processes, laying groundwork for future innovations in precision machining.

出版ステータスPublished - 2024 2月

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