Microstructure and critical current density in MgB2 bulk made of 4.5 wt% carbon-coated boron

M. Higuchi, M. Muralidhar, M. Jirsa, M. Murakami

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Superconducting performance and its uniformity was studied in the single-step sintered MgB2 bulk prepared with 4.5 wt% of carbon in the carbon-encapsulated boron. The 20 mm in diameter MgB2 pellet was cut into several pieces from bottom to top and the microstructure, superconducting transition temperature (Tc onset), and critical current density at 20 K were studied. DC magnetization measurements showed a sharp superconducting transition with onset Tc at around 35.5 K in all positions. SEM analysis indicated a dispersion of grains between 200 and 300 nm in size, as the main pinning medium in this MgB2 superconductors. The critical current density at 20 K was quite uniform, around 330 kA/cm2 and 200 kA/cm2 at self-field and 1 T, respectively, for all measured positions. The results indicate that the carbon-encapsulated boron is very promising for production of high quality bulk MgB2 material for various industrial applications.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 7月 26
イベント29th International Symposium on Superconductivity, ISS 2016 - Tokyo, Japan
継続期間: 2016 12月 132016 12月 15

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