Modelling and simulation of robotic systems using sysml

Mohd A.A. Rahman, Makoto Mizukawa, Danai Phaoharuhansa, Akira Shimada

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This paper proposes a modelling and simulation framework to assist robotic systems design from the viewpoints of systems and control engineering. Designing such systems requires proper design and simulation tools. From control engineers perspectives, the design of control dynamic systems works well using a model-based design (MBD) approach with a simulation tool, e.g., Matlab/Simulink but they lack understanding of how to provide formal specifications, which leads to unmanageable system specifications. In contrast, systems engineers are capable of preparing those specifications in a most feasible way from the conceptual design to the detailed design. Subsequently, system designs and specifications that usually expressed using systems modelling language (SysML) are disjoint with executable simulations employed in Matlab/Simulink. The objective of this paper is to achieve executable simulations in the Matlab's Simulink extension based on SysML's descriptive designs and specifications. To achieve that, we consider a design integration and synchronization strategy, and we use a mobile robotic system (MRS) to establish the proposed framework.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Modelling and Simulation
出版ステータスPublished - 2013

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