Novel seeds applicable for mass processing of LRE-123 single-grain bulks

M. Muralidhar, K. Suzuki, A. Ishihara, M. Jirsa, Y. Fukumoto, M. Tomita

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A batch process with cold seeding was developed, which considerably reduces the production cost of various melt-processed LREBa2Cu 3Oy (where LRE represents a light rare earth element) compounds. The key prerequisite for successful batch production is novel thin film Nd-123 seeds grown on MgO crystals, compatible with all LRE-123 materials and verified on large Gd-123 and NEG-123 single grains. The samples exhibit a sharp superconducting transition (around 1 K wide) with the onset Tc around 93.5 K. The trapped field measurements showed that all the samples in the batch were single domain and of good pinning performance. The trapped field of nearly 1 and 1.2 T was observed in the best 24 mm single-grain pucks of Gd-123 and NEG-123, respectively. The trapped field in the best 45 mm Gd-123 single-grain pucks reached 1.35 T and 0.35 T at 77 K and 87 K, respectively. Using these batch-processed Gd-123 bulks, we constructed a middle-sized levitation disk. This proved that the present approach leads to production of melt-processed LRE-123 materials with a reasonable cost and high performance suitable for superconducting super-magnets.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2010 12月 1

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