Numerical analysis on performance of the middle-pressure jet grouting method for ground improvement

Shinya Inazumi, Sudip Shakya, Takahiro Komaki, Yasuharu Nakanishi

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This study focused on the middle-pressure jet grouting method, which has a compli-cated development mechanism for the columnar soil-improved body, with the aim of establishing a computer-aided engineering (CAE) system that can simulate the performance on a computer. Furthermore, in order to confirm the effect of middle-pressure jet grouting with mechanical agitation and mixing, a comparative analysis was performed with different jet pressures, the development situation was visualized, and the performance of this method was evaluated. The results of MPS-CAE as one of the CAE systems showed that the cement slurry jet ratio in the planned improvement range, including the periphery of the mixing blade, by the middle-pressure jet grouting together with the mechanical agitation and mixing was increased and a high quality columnar soil-improved body was obtained. It is expected that the introduction of CAE will contribute to the visualization of the ground, and that CAE will be an effective tool for the visual management of construction for ground improvement and the maintenance of improved grounds during the life cycle of the ground-improvement method.

ジャーナルGeosciences (Switzerland)
出版ステータスPublished - 2021 8月

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