Overview of MCM/KGD development activities in Japan

Toshio Sudo

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The MCM/KGD study group in EIAJ (Electronic Industries Association of Japan) surveyed the activities on MCM related technologies and the future perspectives up to 2010. The high-density packaging technology had been driven by supercomputers and mainframes for a long time. Recently, high performance microporcessors become available for consumer products such PDAs (personal digital assistants), Notebook PCs (personal computers), digital cameras and so on. Then, MCM is a key technology to make these consumer products smaller, lighter and thinner. Area array packages such as BGA (ball grid array), CSP (chip scale package) are key components to reduce the occupied area. Wafer-level CSP will be a new approach to supply KGD in a minimum assembly cost by handling in a water level instead of a die level. Build-up type printed circuit board is essential to mount both CSPs and flip-chipped dies with fine-pitch I/O terminals. Test methodology for burn-in and testing must be improved to provide low cost KGD (Known good die) in the future.

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