Oxygen configuration and disordering in the superconductor (Hg0.7Tl0.3)2Ba2(Y 0.8Ca0.2)Cu2O8+δ

Tomoko Ohta, Fujio Izumi, Ayako Tokiwa-Yamamoto, Keiichi Tanabe, Alan W. Hewat

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The structure of (Hg0.7TI0.3)2Ba2(Y 0.8Ca0.2)Cu2O8+δ with a Tc of 65 K was determined by neutron powder diffraction. Rietveld refinement based on space group I4/mmm showed a highly disordered atomic arrangement on double HgO1+δ/2 sheets. Both Hg/TI and O3 atoms on the double sheets had apparently large isotropic atomic displacement parameters, which results from incomplete modelling of their disordered configuration. The occupation factor, g, of the O3 site split into four pieces, was reported to be 0.194 in Hg2Ba2YCu2O7.55, whereas g(O3) was very near to 1/4 in (Hg0.7TI0.3)2Ba2(Y 0.8Ca0.2)Cu2O8+δ (δ ≈ 0). Such negligible oxygen deficiency is evidently due to partial substitution of TI3+ ions for Hg2+ ions. Distances between apical oxygen, O2, and cations surrounding it are discussed in detail from a crystal chemistry point of view. A bond-valence sum of +2.084 for Cu in the present oxide supports the idea that it is underdoped with hole carriers.

ジャーナルPhysica C: Superconductivity and its applications
出版ステータスPublished - 1997 8月 1

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