Preparation and corrosion of mullite thin film on β-sialon ceramics

Yasunobu Noritake, Hajime Kiyono, Shiro Shimada

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Mullite film was formed on β-SiAlON (Si6-zAl zOzN8-z, z = 3) ceramics by reaction of Al 2O3 films with silica formed on oxidation to improve a high temperature water vapor corrosion resistance. Sintered β-SiAlON was fabricated by hot pressing of β-sialon (z = 3) powder without additive at 1900°C and at 24 MPa for 4 h in N2. The Al2O 3 film was deposited on polished β-SiAlON ceramics by a dip coating process of Al2O3 precursor sols prepared from the alkoxide solution and aluminum sol. The Al2O3 coated sample was heated in Ar/O2 (95/5 vol.%) at 1300°C for 2 h, resulting in the formation of mullite by reaction with silica produced from sialon. The resulting mullite-coated sample was corroded in H 2O/Ar/O2 (90/8/2 vol.%) at 1200°C for 2-100 h. The corroded samples were characterized by XRD and SEM-EDS for the evaluation of the corrosion resistance of mullite-coated sialon.

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