Quartz crystal microbalance odor sensor coated with mixed-thiol-compound sensing film

Atsushi Saitoh, Tooru Nomura, Severino Munoz, Toyosaka Morhzumi

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The relationship between the sensing film material and odor sensor selectivity, as measured using quartz crystal microbalance, has been examined in previous studies. However, selectivity depends not only on the film material, but also on the structure of the sensing films. In the present study, the relationship between the structure of sensing film and the response characteristics observed during film is investigated. Thiol compounds with different molecular structures and atomic groups were mixed and used as sensing film materials. The mixing ratio was varied to produce different film structures. In addition, we demonstrated a new self-assembly method for making a sensing film with the desired specific response property, using the interaction between odor molecules and sensing film molecules due to their affinity. The experimental results indicate that the sensor response is influenced by the sensing film structure, and that sensors with specific response properties can be produced by controlling the film structure.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1998

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