Recent developments in self-powered smart chemical sensors for wearable electronics

Aaryashree, Surjit Sahoo, Pravin Walke, Saroj Kumar Nayak, Chandra Sekhar Rout, Dattatray J. Late

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The next generation of electronics technology is purely going to be based on wearable sensing systems. Wearable electronic sensors that can operate in a continuous and sustainable manner without the need of an external power sources, are essential for portable and mobile electronic applications. In this review article, the recent progress and advantages of wearable self-powered smart chemical sensors systems for wearable electronics are presented. An overview of various modes of energy conversion and storage technologies for self-powered devices is provided. Self-powered chemical sensors (SPCS) systems with integrated energy units are then discussed, separated as solar cell-based SPCS, triboelectric nano-generators based SPCS, piezoelectric nano-generators based SPCS, energy storage device based SPCS, and thermal energy-based SPCS. Finally, the outlook on future prospects of wearable chemical sensors in self-powered sensing systems is addressed. [Figure not available: see fulltext.]

ジャーナルNano Research
出版ステータスPublished - 2021 11月

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