Structural, magnetic and gas sensing activity of pure and cr doped in2 o3 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition

Kamatam Hari Prasad, Karuppiah Deva Arun Kumar, Paolo Mele, Arulanandam Jegatha Christy, Kugalur Venkidusamy Gunavathy, Sultan Alomairy, Mohammed Sultan Al-Buriahi

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Pure In2 O3 and 6% Cr-doped In2 O3 thin films were prepared on a silicon (Si) substrate by pulsed laser deposition technique. The obtained In2 O3 /In2 O3:Cr thin films structural, morphological, optical, magnetic and gas sensing properties were briefly investigated. The X-ray diffraction results confirmed that the grown thin films are in single-phase cubic bixbyte structure with space group Ia-3. The SEM analysis showed the formation of agglomerated spherical shape morphology with the decreased average grain size for Cr doped In2 O3 thin film compared to pure In2 O3 film. It is observed that the Cr doped In2 O3 thin film shows the lower band gap energy and that the corresponding transmittance is around 80%. The X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurements revealed that the presence of oxygen vacancy in the doped In2 O3 film. These oxygen defects could play a significant role to enhance the sensing performance towards chemical species. In the magnetic hysteresis loop, it is clear that the prepared films confirm the ferromagnetic behaviour and the maximum saturation value of 39 emu/cc for Cr doped In2 O3 film. NH3 gas sensing studies was also carried out at room temperature for both pure and Cr doped In2 O3 films, and the obtained higher sensitivity is 182% for Cr doped In2 O3, which is about nine times higher than for the pure In2 O3 film due to the presence of defects on the doped film surface.

出版ステータスPublished - 2021 5月

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