Study on characteristics of fluidics which uses magnetic fluid as working fluid.

N. Kabei, Y. Sakurai, Y. Katsurajima, K. Tsuchiya

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Magnetic fluid consists, simply, of a colloid of tiny magnetic particles which have a diameter of 10nm and are suspended in a carrier fluid. The resulting fluid becomes a homogeneous magnetic material just like a solid metal, but it retains its fluid characteristics even under a strong magnetic field or gravity. Therefore, the flow direction, velocity and apparent viscosity of this fluid can easily be controlled by a magnetic force. The relationship between the magnetic force and the deflection angle of the free jet of the magnetic fluid was examined. A fundamental formula which explains the relationship between the deflection angle of free jet and the magnetic force was derived from theory. To confirm this relationship experiments were carried out using a fluidic element which consists of an electromagnet and a nozzle (nozzle width 2 to 4mm and aspect ratio 1 to 5). The magnetic current of the electromagnet was varied from 1 to 5(A). The magnetic force was measured by gaussmeter. (from English abstract)

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出版社Soc. Instrum. & Control Engrs
出版ステータスPublished - 1982

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