Study on UI of charger in EV charging station

Wonseok Yang, Takanori Hirohashi, Yeongchae Choi

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Since the current Quick Charging system is different from the conventional gas station in terms of operation procedures and information display, it is highly likely that a person not accustomed to the Quick Charging system will be confused when charging. Problems related to operability are studied to occur due to mismatch of conceptual models owned by designers and users in smart phones, home appliances, and the like. However, research on charging infrastructure and battery problems has been made for current EV related research, but research on operation is few in the use of Quick Charging system. Therefore, from the viewpoint of UI/UX, we thought that it was necessary to study the design of the operation method in the Quick Charging station. In this research, we conducted a survey of the current Quick Charging system, and created a task and a UI model for usability test. As a research result, “redesign the configuration of UI at password acquisition time and simplify information” on smartphone “and” review information given to people not accustomed to charging EV and improve understanding of operation “are required It was confirmed that it was. Based on the results, we reconsidered the operation method of fast charging stand for charging.

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イベント20th International Conference on HCI, HCI International 2018 - Las Vegas, United States
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Conference20th International Conference on HCI, HCI International 2018
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