Sub-arcsecond Kinematic Structure of the Outflow in the Vicinity of the Protostar in L483

Yoko Oya, Nami Sakai, Yoshimasa Watanabe, Ana López-Sepulcre, Cecilia Ceccarelli, Bertrand Lefloch, And Satoshi Yamamoto

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The bipolar outflow associated with the Class 0 low-mass protostellar source (IRAS 18148-0440) in L483 has been studied in the CCH and CS line emission at 245 and 262 GHz, respectively. Sub-arcsecond resolution observations of these lines have been conducted with ALMA. Structures and kinematics of the outflow cavity wall are investigated in the CS line, and are analyzed by using a parabolic model of an outflow. We constrain the inclination angle of the outflow to be from 75to 90, i.e., the outflow is blowing almost perpendicular to the line of sight. Comparing the outflow parameters derived from the model analysis with those of other sources, we confirm that the opening angle of the outflow and the gas velocity on its cavity wall correlate with the dynamical timescale of the outflows. Moreover, a hint of a rotating motion of the outflow cavity wall is found. Although the rotation motion is marginal, the specific angular momentum of the gas on the outflow cavity wall is evaluated to be comparable to or twice that of the infalling-rotating envelope of L483.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2018 8月 10

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