Superconducting properties of iron chalcogenide thin films

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Iron chalcogenides, binary FeSe, FeTe and ternary FeTexSe 1-x, FeTexS1-x and FeTe:Ox, are the simplest compounds amongst the recently discovered iron-based superconductors. Thin films of iron chalcogenides present many attractive features that are covered in this review, such as: (i) easy fabrication and epitaxial growth on common single-crystal substrates; (ii) strong enhancement of superconducting transition temperature with respect to the bulk parent compounds (in FeTe 0.5Se0.5, zero-resistance transition temperature T c0bulk = 13.5 K, but Tc0film = 19 K on LaAlO3 substrate); (iii) high critical current density (J c ∼ 0.5 ×106 A cm2 at 4.2 K and 0 T for FeTe0.5Se0.5 film deposited on CaF2, and similar values on flexible metallic substrates (Hastelloy tapes buffered by ion-beam assisted deposition) with a weak dependence on magnetic field; (iv) high upper critical field (∼50 T for FeTe0.5Se0.5, Bc2(0), with a low anisotropy, γ ∼ 2). These highlights explain why thin films of iron chalcogenides have been widely studied in recent years and are considered as promising materials for applications requiring high magnetic fields (20-50 T) and low temperatures (2-10 K).

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