Suppression of magnetism and Seebeck effect in Na0.875CoO2 induced by SbCo dopants

M. H.N. Assadi, Paolo Mele, Marco Fronzi

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We examined the electronic property of Sb-doped Na0.785CoO2 using density functional calculations based on GGA+U formalism. We demonstrated that Sb dopants were the most stable when replacing Co ions within the complex Na0.875CoO2 lattice structure. We also showed that the SbCo dopants adopted the + 5 oxidation state introducing two electrons into the host Na0.875CoO2 compound. The newly introduced electrons recombined with holes that were borne on Co4+ sites that had been created by sodium vacancies. The elimination of Co4+ species, in turn, rendered Na0.875(Co0.9375Sb0.0625)O2 non-magnetic and diminished the compound’s thermoelectric effect. Furthermore, the SbCo dopants tended to aggregate with the Na vacancies keeping a minimum distance. The conclusions drawn here can be generalised to other highly oxidised dopants in NaxCoO2 that replace a Co.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2020 3月 1

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