Task-based data exchange for remote operation system through a communication network

Takafumi Matsumaru, Syun'ichi Kawabata, Tetsuo Kotoku, Nobuto Matsuhira, Kiyoshi Komoriya, Kazuo Tanie, Kunikatsu Takase

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This paper proposes the task-based data exchange for teleoperation systems through a communication network as an efficient method of transmitting data between an operation device and a remote robot. On the task-based data exchange, the more important information according to the contents and conditions of the task which the robot performs is given transmission priority, for example, by altering the contents of the transmitted data. We have built an experimental system in which the master arm in Tsukuba and the slave arm in Kawasaki, separated by about 100 km, are connected through N-ISDN and the standard techniques are utilized, such as TCP/IP, socket, JPEG, etc. A series of experimental tasks has been effectively carried out by the task-based data exchange, that is, crank operation which consists of grasping and revolution. The communication network with capacity limitations was used effectively, and the high maneuverability in real-time with bilateral servo control has been realized. The effectiveness of the task-based data exchange has been confirmed.

ジャーナルProceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
出版ステータスPublished - 1999 1月 1
イベントProceedings of the 1999 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA99 - Detroit, MI, USA
継続期間: 1999 5月 101999 5月 15

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